KANTOR PENGACARA GUSRIANTO & PARTNERS is a family law attorney’s office in the city of yogyakarta. Our office has been  running for a long time.  We have lawyers who are reliable in their fields. We have solved  many family problems, one of them is divorce.  At this time the  problem  of divorce is quite common in society. So for that we try to write this article with the title DIVORCE LAWYER OFFICE YOGYAKARTA. I hope that with this article DIVORCE LAWYER OFFICE YOGYAKARTA,  people will understand  the requirements for filing a divorce.


KANTOR PENGACARA GUSRIANTO & PARTNERS –  provide special divorce services for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Filing for divorce for Muslims, namely  in the relegious court where the wife is domiciled or where the  marriage takes place. While for non-Muslims the submission is in the  district court where the defendant lives. However, the terms and procedures for Muslims and non-Muslims are almost the same. Following  are the requirements for filling for divorce:

  1. Original marriage book or marriage certificate
  2. ID or KTP
  3. At least 2 witnesses.

Please note that the  services in our office  are not only divorce, but we also resolve  other legal issues such as accounts payable, default, fraud and embezzlement and others. If you want a consultation, yau can  click on our link. Thank you

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